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Did you know you can get Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries at REI the REI on 635? I didn't. They cost more, but they're worth it. I especially want some for my camera, because I tend to leave it sitting around for long periods, and it sucks to pick it up and find the batteries have self-discharged so much I can only take a few pictures. (Yes, my camera takes AA batteries, because I hate expensive proprietary batteries that only work in one device.)

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AMAZ carries the Sanyo and similar Duracell "precharged" batteries for about $2.40/ea. HTH!

Yeah, but I demand instant gratification, even if I have to wait for it. For things I want but don't really need, I'll look for them in stores for months or years before I break down and buy them online. Shopping is more fun that way.

Wow... I'd never heard of them and I use a LOT of Energizer rechargeable batteries. Maybe I should get some more and use these for things where I might need batteries like for my old camera. *ponders*

Is REI a better place than the AMAZ thing hexapod mentioned below? (not that I know what AMAZ is).

shooman out

I assumed he was being clever and referring to Amazon by their stock symbol. It turns out that's not really their stock symbol, but who else sells every product known to man?

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