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unexpected excitement
fear and loathing
As I was driving home tonight about to get on the freeway, some guy drove off the freeway right in front of me right over the grass going at least 80. He kept going straight across the service road and took out a lamppost on the other side.

I pulled over to have a look, and a bunch of people who looked like they must have been friends of the guy who crashed were rushing over to check on him. One of them asked me for $5 and got pissed when I didn't give it to him. He started cursing at me like a drunk fratboy and said something about how I should give him some money for his friend because he had just wrecked his car. I just denied having any money and left at that point, but I kind of wish I had said "FUCK NO I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY FOR THE GUY WHO JUST ALMOST KILLED ME," because I was totally thinking it.

(Mr. Speed Racer himself did not appear to be hurt, BTW.)

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Sheesh... glad you're okay. *blinks*

shooman out

I... what? The only explanation that makes that a reasonable request is that they were really, really clever and dedicated panhandlers.

I can't help but wonder why the f $5 is going to help anyone who just wrecked their car.

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