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Froyo + G1 = EPIC FAIL
Installing a release candidate of a point-oh version of a 3rd-party mod of a pre-release version of an OS that was designed for much more capable hardware is not a good idea.

It seems my mostly-positive experiences with installing new OSes on my phone have lulled me into a false sense of security. Yesterday I reverted my phone back to CyanogenMod 5.0 (Android 2.1) because CM 6 was misbehaving very badly and not even giving me any tangible benefits. The worst problem by far is that I was not able to send (or receive?) texts, and I didn't even realize it out until yesterday. I just confirmed  it this morning.  Also, the Dalvik JIT, which I was really exited about, does a lot more harm than good, at least on my phone with its feeble CPU and totally inadequate RAM. Makes me appreciate HotSpot, though; yay Sun! Being able to install apps onto the SD card would have been a big deal to me except that I've already had that feature for months thanks to Cyanogen.


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