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fucking vandals
This morning I found a sticker from Signature Towing on my car. It's the kind of sticker that normally says they're going to tow your car, but this one was damaged and didn't list any reason for the sticker, or even a complete phone number. Their stickers are a serious pain in the ass to remove, too. I called them asking for an explanation, but they couldn't give me one except to say they have a contract with my apartment complex that allows it. The operator hung up on me when I mentioned filing a complaint, so I went ahead and filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Then I started looking into whether I could file a criminal complaint for vandalism with the local police. While I was poking around the police department's web site trying to find the best way to contact them, I came across their page about property recovery, where they discuss their impound lot, which is operated by....Signature Towing! I guess I won't be getting any help there. I'm contemplating suing them in small claims court just to make life difficult for them. And I will definitely be bitching to my apartment complex tomorrow.

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So, you don't even know what you supposedly did wrong so that you don't wake up again one morning next week with you car towed??


Hell yes, fight the bs. If we insist on putting towing companies in the position of law enforcement, they should act accordingly. Hanging up on someone who wants to file a complaint is unacceptable.

From past experience, your apartment complex will just throw up their hands and say "What can we do?" as in... we are unable to do anything.

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