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I can has phone?
I reserved myself a Samsung Epic today, because as much as I love the features on my G1, it's dog slow and T-Mobile's coverage is very spotty--I can't get a signal at either of my parents' houses.

I was a little wary of a Samsung phones after reading about how they went out of their way to make Android suck and then went back on their promise to offer an upgrade to Android 2.0. Based on what I turned up today, it looks like Samsung learned their lesson in a big way. They've even released a WIP version of their Android 2.2 ROM for people who are willing to put up with the bugs in it.

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No, it doesn't come out until the 31st, at which point I will be dragging my ass all the way out to Sherman, because that's the closest store where I could get a reservation. I still get to feel smug, though, because I personally know iPhone users who have gone to much greater lengths to get their phones on launch day.

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